Summer Health Tips: Medication Care in the Heat


This summer all we want to do is stay cool, stay safe, and enjoy the summer while taking care of our health! Read on for our four tips on how to keep an eye on your medication in the heat:

1. Know Your Meds

Understand how your medications work and remember that increased temperatures can affect how they make you feel and may even cause certain side effects. Don't underestimate the impact of rising temperatures, especially due to climate change, on your body while taking specific medications.

2. Watch for Changes

If your medicine changes colour, taste, smell, or starts melting or crumbling, it may have been compromised by the heat. Don't worry, but do take it to your pharmacist to discuss your options.

3. Proper Storage

Typically, it's best to keep your medicines in a cool, dry spot that's not in direct sunlight. Very hot or cold conditions can seriously affect the effectiveness of both prescribed and non-prescribed drugs.

4. Bathroom Storage

If you keep your medications in the bathroom where you shower, be sure to leave them in their original containers. This will help shield them from any heat-related issues.

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